What's Usaha Desa Communities?

Usaha Desa Communities enables investors and ecosystem leaders to democratize entrepreneurship everywhere, using our peer-review model. In our pilot year, 26 investors and ecosystem leaders have committed to invest more than $1.25 million in local companies through peer review. 

Why this Toolkit?

What if you could open a website that gave you personalized, step-by-step guides, trainings, and modules on how to run an effective investment readiness program? Everything from how to write recruit entrepreneurs to apply to your program  to a full peer review ranking platform is included in our newly revamped Toolkit.

As a Usaha Desa Community, not only will you have access to the materials to run a great program, but the Usaha Desa resources to train your facilitators, connect you to the right networks, and give sector-specific insights on your program focus. Be the go-to ecosystem builder in your city with our one-stop shop.